Bermuda Fortes


Tour Duration: 5 hours (10 a.m.-3 p.m.)

Pick-up Location: Dockyard Ferry Terminal

Drop-off Location: Hamilton Ferry Terminal

Cost: $100 per person

Available: November - April, Tuesdays/Thursdays

 *Private tours may be arrange outside of the available schedule.

Complete Tour Description

  Our adventure begins within the gates of Her/His Majesty’s Dockyard. This historic landmark, was once the principle base of the British Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic utilized from 1795-1958  as a shipyard and additionally, to guard the British against attack after the American War of Independence and during the Cold War. It has now been restored into the vast ‘Maritime Museum’ with so much history to be shared. Travelling along, we reach Fort Scaur, which was built as the Dockyards first-line of defense, for it has Bermuda’s most spectacular panoramic view to oversee all vessels coming into the islands waters! After that, we journey across the mainland over a few bridges taking us into the Western Hemisphere’s oldest town called St. George. Here we will have the opportunity to view a few different landmarks, including Bermuda’s 2nd oldest fortress which is the location where the first inhabitants landed when they arrived and colonized the archipelago of 365 islands. We will then travel to our final destination on the outskirts of Bermuda’s capitol, Hamilton in the parish of Pembroke. Crossing a wooden bridge above a moat 20 feet below, we reach Fort Hamilton. This location is adorned with cannons and military ammunition around its perimeter. The best views of the city can be seen from this peak. The actual fort is deep underground and leads to a botanical moat where you will find some of the most genuine plants only found in Bermuda. Come along to hear a story of great intrigue where 91 forts were constructed around the islands of Bermuda for two very different reasons!

This is an all-inclusive tour which encompasses a backpack filled with the following per person: lunch, 2 water bottles, and umbrella. All equipment and products are on loan for the duration of your tour. A $10 refundable deposit is required to ensure that all equipment is returned back to Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. in the same condition which it was received.

Lunch is provided by ‘Divine Bakery'. Menu Options are as follows:


Turkey Sandwich

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Fresh Cut Veggie Sticks




*Please specify any special dietary requirements when booking and we will be sure to better accommodate your requests with our other suggested options.


Suggested Attire: shorts, t-shirt, socks, sneakers, hat, towel, sunscreen

Important things to know:

  • Do not wear anything you wish to not get stained while trekking on the muddy terrain, such as white clothing and/or new sneakers

  • Guests should consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate

  • Persons with a history of heart, respiratory, limited mobility, back problems, upper mobility limitations, or any major disorders should not participate

  • It is strongly suggested that Skechers Shape-ups not be worn as they will result in sprained ankles while walking on rugged terrain

Pick-up and Drop-off Details: Due to the fact that there is only one pick-up location on this tour which is Her/His Majesty’s Dockyard, Sandys Parish and one drop-off location at the Main Ferry Terminal in the City of Hamilton, Pembroke Parish, the best preferred option for those travelling from the City of Hamilton OR the eastern side of the country in St. George Parish would be to take a ferry to the Dockyard where the tour will commence. If you have mopeds, it would be best to leave your bikes parked in the city for the day next to the Main Ferry Terminal, as that is where we will take you back to at the end of the excursion.  


No matter the season, we will give you a reason to fall in love with Bermuda!

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