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Children's Adventure Tour

Come along for a day of great adventure starting in Bermuda’s one and only jungle where the most majestic scenery awaits you! The tour is lead by highly experienced Bermuda shore excursion guides. Put on your hardhats and get ready for a guided decent into beautifully adorned stalactite caverns and be prepared swim inside a phenomenal cave which guides you to its depths in the darkness. Then we will hike to the Blue Hole Hill for breathtaking views of a large sinkhole and dare to take the plunge atop the overhanging cliffs surrounding the pool of water!

Please note: This specific tour operates year-round as a private charter booked directly through the company. 

Age Range: 5-12 years (children must be accompanied by at least one adult in their party)

Tour Duration: 3 hours (10am-1pm) 

Cost: $750

Suggested Attire: swimwear, swim shoes, shorts, t-shirt, socks, sneakers, hat, towel, sunscreen


This is an all-inclusive excursion which encompasses a backpack filled with the following per person: granola bar, fruit snacks, 1 water bottle, safety helmet, and umbrella. In addition, each individual will be provided with a life vest if needed. Feel free to bring along your child’s bicycle helmet if they have a smaller head.

*Swimming is an option; not necessary*

All equipment and products are on loan for the duration of your tour. A $20 fee will be incurred if anything belonging to Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. is NOT returned in the same condition which it was received.


There is a pick-up and drop off location at Botanical Gardens bus stop across the street from the Peace Lutheran Church a half hour before the excursion commences at 9:30am. Please indicate when booking if you would like this option at no added cost and we will pick you up in one of our minibuses. Otherwise, guests can meet us at Blue Hole Hill Parking Lot to begin our adventure.

Things to know:
*Do not wear anything you wish to not get stained while trekking on the muddy terrain, such as white clothing and/or new sneakers
*Guests should consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate
*Persons with a history of heart, respiratory, limited mobility, back problems, upper mobility limitations, or any major disorders should not participate
*It is strongly suggested that Sketchers Shape-ups not be worn as they will result in sprained ankles while walking on rugged terrain

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