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Ashley Focke


Qualified International Tour Guide

Ashley is a fourth generation Bermudian with an extensive background in horticulture. Her parents will tell you that her passion for the great outdoors must have been innately built into the person that she has become.


As a child, she was always playing in the dirt and expressed a keen interest in plants and animals. If there was something to be cared for, Ashley would nurse it back to good health, or at least do her best trying! As she grew older, Ashley decided that she wanted to become a teacher; and of course, if you ask any of her former students, her favorite subject to teach was Science.


Ashley taught for nine  glorious years before realizing that she wanted to get back to being one with nature. Here she is living out her dream and counting her blessings every day as she pursues nature at its best!

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Joel Cassidy

Tour Guide

Qualified Horticulturalist 

Joel is a third generation Bermudian with a degree in Horticulture obtained through Guelph University, Ontario, Canada.


Joel has always had a keen interest in learning about plants and began his first apprenticeship at the age of 16 with the Bermuda Government where he was trained as a horticulturalist and tour guide. He then went on to working with Corporation of Hamilton, Bermuda as a foreman for their parks department. It was not long thereafter that he began his own business opening ‘Bermuda Plant Nursery’. The nursery is now over 30 years old, still thriving and providing most companies in the City of Hamilton, Bermuda with a more eco-friendly environment using plants to adorn their office space.


Joel also has a great wealth of knowledge about Bermuda that he loves to share while on tour, incorporating his forte in teaching about the many different healing properties regarding our islands plant species!

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